Dimitris Rapidis


Dimitris Rapidis is founder and Director of Bridging Europe (BREF), a newly established, policy-making organization on EU Affairs, based in Athens, Greece, with associates and partners in the European Union, the United States, Canada and Turkey.

Dimitris is Scientific Associate at the Greek Politics Specialist Group (GPSG), a think-tank of the British Associate of Political Science, columnist / blogger at Euractiv (Blogactiv) Brussels, major contributor to information campaigns for EU think-tanks and NGOs, and social entrepreneur, having significantly assisted many organizations in Europe, Greece, and Turkey to grow their leverage in their relevant market.

As freelance Strategic and Political Analyst, Dimitris is deeply involved in the analysis of the Greek financial crisis in Eurozone. He has been interviewed and contributed to analysis over this topic by national, European and regional broadcasting networks, media, and journals, such as Euronews, La Razon, Antenna 3, HispanTV, Sputnik, Russia Today, Newsweek, Financier Worldwide, among others.

Dimitris has studied political science and international affairs at the Universities of Athens and Geneva. He is founding and active member of the Research Committee on Geopolitics (RC-41) of the International Political Science Association, the Model of the European Union of the Galatasary University, and the Spinelli Group in Brussels, the NGO Democracy of Ideas in Greece. Dimitris has been a guest speaker at numerous international academic and governmental conferences, summer schools and symposia in Europe.

Dimitris has published extensively on both political and economic matters in Greece, the European Union, the Balkans, Turkey, and the Middle East.

Languages: Greek, French, English, Spanish.

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