Dimitris Rapidis

Greek government’s spokesperson Mr Stelios Petsas has achieved to damage his credibility by largely contributing to a massive scandal: The controversial funding of media outlets in the context of Covid-19 awareness campaign.


The digits the government published yesterday after two months of harsh criticism by the opposition show that there was no selection criteria in the funding. No explanations provided on the amounts, how the distribution took place, as well as why a number of newspapers and websites were not included in the list.


Among other discrepancies, the government dispatched large amounts to unknown media that do nothing else other than supporting a vast pro-government propaganda network that damages pluralism and freedom of speech. In this respect, it is not by accident that Greece stands in the bottom of the relevant list of media freedom in the EU.


The scandalous mismanagement of public funds is appalling for the government itself and humiliating for the citizens. Many journalists and policy-makers that follow Greek politics are shocked with this unprecedented scandal.




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