Dimitris Rapidis

For another time in the recent months we have witnessed incidents of police brutality in Greece. This time the victims were a group refugees with their children, abandoned in Victoria Square in Athens, without any social or state aid. They make part of the thousands of refugees that the Greek government has left deserted, expelled from their shelters, with the respective Minister of Migration breaking every rule of international humanitarian law.


Riot police raided the Square yesterday night, pushing refugees away violently, only to show their hatred. The problem of police brutality gets even bigger when the political leadership and the Prime Minister himself do not show the political will to eradicate fascist groups within the police corps that operate freely, against vulnerable groups, students and refugees.


It is literally by chance that we haven’t seen any death caused by a policeman so far. But to avoid seeing it happen, the Prime Minister should assume responsibility and show determination. Otherwise, his silence could be interpreted as an endorsement of such unlawful acts that breach social peace and spread fear and anger in the society.



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