Dimitris Rapidis

In a recent interview on Greece’s domestic politics, the head of ND opposition party Mr Mitsotakis doubted about whether social benefits and Christmas bonus are necessary. He also added that such benefits turn employees ”hostages” of a clientelist system, insinuating that these fundamental pillars of a welfare state should be revised, cut or even abolished.

In the recent past, Mr Mitsotakis had been repeatedly standing against the public sector and social safety nets, emphasizing on the need to dwell the public sector and increase the leverage of private-led companies in state’s function. Furthermore, he has never been an adamant supporter of the public social funds, something that has also been tested by the previous governments – which himself has been part of – that had literally destroyed the pension funds.


Mr Mitsotakis seems to adopt the very profound policies of his ally Orban in Hungary, Kurz in Austria, and Le Pen in France, when it comes to the deregulation of the labour market. Congrats!

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