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Greek PM Alexis Tsipras was interviewed yesterday by ANT1 news anchor. He covered all domestic issues thoroughly, briefly recalled the deeds of Syriza government both before and after the exit from bailout programs, underlined his major goals ahead to triple elections, i.e. European Elections, Municipal Elections, National Elections, expected in early October 2019.

Regarding the polls that show a lead for front opposition ultra-neoliberal New Democracy party, PM Tsipras stressed out that ”I am used to lose in polls and win elections”, adding that it is a strategic choice not to call for snap elections. He also highlighted major policy and legislative proposals after the exit from the memorandum in August 2018, which have all been already implemented.

The goal for Syriza party is to win in the European Elections in May 26, and build a wide progressive front in both Greece and the EU that can push for reforms away from the neoliberal agenda. Regarding the Prespa Agreement, PM Tsipras pointed out that he never thought of the political cost and that he put first the multiple gains of this Agreement, not only for Greece and North Macedonia, but also for the entire Balkan region.

He once again repeated his call for a wider democratic front in Europe against the surge of far-right and nationalisms, emphasizing on the fact that these forces do nothing more than reproducing the neoliberal rhetoric and pushing for the dissolution of EU.

On the domestic front, PM Tsipras stated that ”for as long as Syriza is in power there will be no reduction in the tax-free threshold”, whereas on the Novartis bribery case he added that ”justice should shed light on this huge scandal”.

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