Dimitris Rapidis

On the 17th of January the Greek MPs (i.e. members of the Parliament) are planned to vote against those politicians being allegedly involved in accusations for counterfeit over the well-known “Lagarde List“, a spreadsheet containing roughly 2,000 potential tax evaders with undeclared accounts at Swiss HSBC Geneva branch. Three different ballot boxes are going to be set as three different propositions have been introduced by the parties of the Parliament.

The first ballot box is proposed by the government coalition of New Democracy, PASOK, and the Democratic Left and concerns the ex-Minister of Finance Mr. George Papakonstantinou, served during 2009-11, being allegedly accused for intervening in the List in order to protect a number of people, including his family members.

The second ballot box is proposed by the front opposition SYRIZA-USF concerning Papakonstantinou as well as his successor and current President of PASOK Mr. Evaggelos Venizelos. The latter also served as Minster of Finance from June 2011 to March 2012, and considered for keeping the forged USB memory stick of the Lagarde List without delivering it into justice.

The third ballot box is proposed by the party of the Independent Greeks and endorsed by the extreme right Golden Dawn including, along with Papakonstantinou and Venizelos, the ex-Prime Ministers Mr. Papandreou and Mr. Papadimos. The first served during 2009-2011 whereas the latter was Head of the coalition government from end 2011 until the first round of national elections in May 2012. Both are considered by Independent Greeks and Golden Dawn as politically involved in the Lagarde List.

This is the first time in the modern parliamentary history of Greece thaτ ex-members of the cabinet are brought into voting consideration in front of the legislative body. The results of the voting is going to define the fate of all four involved, whether or not they will be brought into justice for corruption accusations.

According to the parliamentary seats and the power of the parties, the most possible scenario is that the first ballot box -the one including Mr. Papakonstantimou and proposed by the coalition government- will be voted and passed in simple majority. Nonetheless, it is possible that there might be some unexpected shifts in the voting, mainly considering the second ballot box proposed by SYRIZA-USF, in case MPs of the coalition government decide to endorse the second ballot box. There is also, to my point of view, the possibility that some MPs of the government decide to abstain from the voting and therefore determine the entire voting against the first proposition.

In any case, things are going to clear up tomorrow.

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