Dimitris Rapidis

What comes after Chavez?

The Venezuelanian leader is passing through tough times with his health and the game over his succession has already started. There is a person who has supposedly received Chavez’s accreditation and approval, but the main question is whether or not Venezuela will be the same after Chavez.

The succession process in all countries being ruled by an extremely prominent political figure has always been more than complex. In the case of Chavez, the Latin American leader is incarnating all the prospects and hopes of a great part of the citizens of this continent being fed under the dilemma of more or less capitalism. The US has been the privileged field of Chavez’s polemique as he was constantly developing an aggressive rhetoric in order to gather attention and set himself as the alternative leader of all oppressed people in the world.

The alliance between Venezuela, Cuba and Bolivia is one of a kind in the history of multilateral and peripheral synergies. Venezuela could play the role of the leader of anti-American trust due to its vast resources in oil, whereas Bolivia was and still playing the role of the potential big provider of natural gas in the Third World. Cuba is the symbol of the world against US imperialism historically – all three compsose a triangle of alliance that aims at bringing the world as far as possible from any US influence.

All three states are focusing their strategy through the lenses of these three leaders. Chavez is now falling into arrears; Morales’s role is more supportive to the other two and consequently his power and magnetism will dwindle as Venezuela’s influence shrinks; Cuba’s leader Raul Castro is not all that inspiring and influential as his brother used to be, and therefore the time Cuba will open its gates to liberalism are getting closer due to both internal and external pressure.

To my point of view, if Chavez finally falls down no matter what the reason would be, the new era in Latin America will have nothing in similar with what we learnt these 20 ears. It is possible that the influence exerted by all three compañeros will squeeze down and all the prospects and dreams attached with will vanquished.

But this is the circle of history, and it happens as often as monumental leaderships rise up. The challenge for Latin America is pending and the answer to an alternative model of global governance will still pertaining global debate.

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