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The rise of tax imposition rate for wealthy people in France has pushed Gerard Depardieu to launch an unprecedented polemique against Hollande’s administration. The outcome of the statement struggle ended up a couple of days ago, when Vladimir Putin decided to give Russian passport to Depardieu after the first denied his French citizenship.

This is something somebody could not easily predict as this is one of the fewest times in history where a statesman intervenes to make such a conveniency for a person publicly. This was after all the most outspoken, sincere, and solid proof of how personalities with power and influence can form and establish a new manner of commodity where whenever an issue is emerged, there is always a solution to address it. In this case, it is Gerard Depardieu that wanted to avoid high taxation and find shelter to another country adopting a citizenship that he never fought for.

Therefore, we have two critical issues demanding pondering:

1. The fact that someone, no matter who, achieved to shift nationalities in such an easy manner due to his/her celebrity is something extremely offensive to somebody seeking asylum, being deported from a warzone or somebody being established away from his/her homeland due to various reasons. Thus we have a breach in any process, manner, or know-how dealt with citizenship attribution and the subsequent requirements.

2. The Depardieu case opens a new Pandora’s Box as it creates a legal, social, behavioral and political stream of actions that overrun official procedures for citizenship. In other words, what the legal basis was used to be during these decades is now under scrutiny and revision. The Depardieu case can now be the new model of citizenship attribution in global range as people with influence can explicitly demand whatever surpasses law and all requirements being involved.

To conclude with , we certainly need to re-examine what the power of politics is and what the limits of justice are. Because if someone can that easily acquire another citizenship, what should be the future for asylum seekers or second-generation immigrants that seek to get established elswhere, not for securing their revenue, but just for persevering their livelihood?

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  1. Citizens can do what multinational companies do all the time — change their tax base! Governments often tout companies to move to their low tax regime with tax-holiday inducements. This is why the Founding Fathers said that Europe must create a European company statute that encourages respect for a fair tax structure. But this has never been achieved because governments are too aggressive against such plans and towards others who they perceive might effect their tax systems. So everybody loses.

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