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Maya’s manuscripts are allegedly talking about the end of the world coming in the 21st of December 2012. I have not personally had the pleasure to read it by hand, but let us see what would the landscape of international politics be this very last day if the predictions were to come true.

The European Union and Eurozone would have been stalled into the worst economic and political crisis since their establishment. With poverty and unemployment hitting the highest historial levels, social dismantling pending from day-to-day, and the fear of complete meltdown to be wandered over the heads of EU nations.

Middle East would have been witnessed one of the harshest civil conflicts in Syria, with Israel being regularly on the shadow of a military coup from Hezbollah and Hamas in its territory, Iran being sanctioned and getting prepared for reaching nuclear capability, and social upheavals streamming authoritarian states of the Arab Peninsula, with emphasis in Bahrain. In addition to that, Egypt would have been once again plunged into social unrest with reference to Morsi’s absolutism.

In Pacific Asia, China and Japan would have been run a major military entanglement in their seas in a effort to prove their imposition in the region, Philippines would still have been faced with the Mindanao insurgence, while in South and South-Central Asia Pakistan and Afghanistan would have been once more struggled with the rise of Taliban and the fear of growing Islamic fundamentalism.

In the Horn of Africa, Sudan with its chronic conflict and the secession of its Southern part would have been reached one of its most dangerous peak, whereas Somalia’s divided Islamists would have put the entire region in an escalated conflict with reference to the country’s civil war. Furthermore, Uganda’s colonial policies would have continued generating tensions between local clans and between Catholics and Muslims. In Eastern Congo, the ADF-Nalu rebellion would have been spread in the entire region and created a big and expanding movement of fundamentalism with direct side-effect the dismantling of cross-border economy and the breaking down of any efforts for political stability.

In Latin America the wave of revolution would have continued refreshing local politics, with the US being in the centre of the rivalry. The latter would have been entrapped into an unresolved internal enemy, which is linked with the pending issue of civilian firearms possession.

After all, are the Maya’s manuscripts not far enough from truth?

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