Dimitris Rapidis

Readiness Exercise 84 is a series of executive orders that outlines the continuity of the US government wherein the constitution is suspended. Under this exceptional plan martial law is implemented and the military command take over state and local governments in order to ensure stabilization of the nation at any cost.

Rex 84 was implemented twice in the US -during the LA riots in 1992 when a video of four police officers beating a man came into surface outbursting rage and widespead looting throughout the LA metropolitan area, and the 9/11 after the series of suicide attacks in the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and Alabama. In these two cases only a portion of the plan was implemented. The largest contigent plan involves the use of chemical and nuclear bombs when extreme situation necessitates it. There are also underground camps where amunition is testing along the US.

In 2008, Deutsche Bank was invested with rumours that one of its high-ranked employees working as informant pointed out that the US bailout of the banks was indeed the effort to gather a large sum of cash needed quickly to repay China which has purchased large quantities of morgtage-backed securities that went depreciated when the collapse of US mortgage was underway. Chinese officials realized that they have bought worthless securitized loans which would never be repaid, demanding actual property instead. Otherwise a complete retrieve of China’s backing of the US economy would be implemented pluging global economy into immediate and unprecedented meltdown.

The former US Treasury Secretary Hunk Paulson in accordance with President Bush agreed to issue a $ 700 billion bailout in order to avoid a predicted implementation of marial law. China received the sum and kept supporting the wooden feet of the US economy, and therefore, of the European and global financial market.

Nonetheless, the US economy has not escaped the danger of meldown as its economy is fully-attached to Chinese bond-backing and China is retaining American debt from uncontrolled dismantling. Even if dollar remains the global reserve currency, there are growing signs of big players like Russia, China, India and Iran dealing in gold as currency and purchasing gold on the market at an expotential rate. This trend can definitely threaten the direct value of the US dollar as the global reserve currency.

The European market and Eurozone are inextribly interwoven with the dangers and fears the US economy is entrenched. Similarly, in case China as the big lender of the US economy decides to imbalance it again, the side effects in the European market will be even deeper. In this view, Rex 84 is considered to be a massive but yet a deeply undemocratic and catastrophic mechanism that could sweep away any social unrest. In conditions of extreme unrest as those that we might possibly experience in the near future, civilian retaliation can be ceased down by the army through the use of amunition destined to address war conditions. Therefore, there are three questions we need to ponder upon dealing with the European Union and its economics:

1. Is the European Union as a whole and each member-state unilaterally preparing a similar “readiness exercise” model in order to cope with extreme civil upheavals? As Eurozone is falling into arrears, the scenario is more than possible.

2. Are European citizens ready to cope with such a violent response from the governors or they might turn out to be completely submitted to any unjust and inhuman austerity measure taken? By the same token, are we entering a new Middle Age era with restricted freedoms and limited financial and creative expectations?

3. What was finally the fundamental reason for the establishment of Eurozone? A mere coalition of EU member-states to address a different model of economic unification, or an easier way-out from economic independence and growth sustainability?

These three questions can introduce and shape a new debate over the future of a different and more violent responsive model against social turmoil in Europe. The Greek case seems to be more prominent than any other one at the time being, and I believe that the first signs of such a turmoil will exploit in this autumn with reference to the new austerity measures and the income cuts to employees and pensioners.

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