Dimitris Rapidis

Obama’s Shift

As we turn to the forthcoming US elections in autumn 2012, Obama seems to regain its lost ground of support. Four years ago he was invested with unlimited hope not only by his citizens but from the entire globe.

His speech in Berlin during his electoral campaign was a move of surprise and of excessive political leverage reminding the speech of JFK after World War Two. It was a decision showing his determined spirit to push away the unpopular dust of his predecessor and remind that the US leadership should be the voice of the free world, the voice of citizens in Europe also.

Three years now his communication strategy was seeming to be blocked between hardworking, political struggles, rumors of discontent, lower expectations. It was like he suddenly lost his vigorous spirit and charismatic management of his media exposure and got trapped to an almost anti-social behavior.

The recent passing bill about health care was a major come back to his image. He went against the odds and achieved to realize an almost impossible breakthrough in American history. His campaign through social was paradigmatic and his pictures in the media have started to show the clear and sometimes touching messages of his first campaign: a friendly hug to a White House keeper, a kiss to his wife, a relaxing stare in a picture.

Obama proved these last months that communication is what really matters. Not an empty message reproduced, but a strategic decision that has to be fulfilled with messages of political developments and aspects of a life of a common person. I definitely believe that despite his missing points in his declared foreign policy (e.g Afghanistan, Iraq) he deserves a second term to prove his skills and bring a fresh air in the dark pages of the American history.

In a relevant context, the European leaders should learn from his story and start communicating their messages taking into account that all the fuss created during the financial crisis and all the misunderstandings and conflicts inside the EU can be equally overcome through a united voice about the problems in Greece, Spain and all states found in similar position. Different voices and positions from official leaps about how dealing with the Eurozone crisis do not serve to a stonger and more coherent Europe, but in the contrary they empower division and further instability.

Obama’s shift is and should be a paradigmatic case for the leaders in Europe now that transformations are taking place and hard decisions have to be taken.

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